Daily Archives: October 17, 2007

Full Speed Ahead

With questions circulating about PDDG’s status in light of Corrin’s “compromise” position on Lowe’s, I would like to offer assurance that I and everyone else at PDDG headquarters remains focused on defeating Newman’s big box plans through every legal means.

We had anticipated that Corrin’s candidacy would distract him from the crucial work of defeating Newman and would raise questions about his relationship to PDDG, and we told him so. However, he was not to be dissuaded. That’s okay. It will have to be.

PDDG is a big tent. I, for one, have been surprised at who I have seen in there. We demand no oaths. The closest thing we have to a motto is quoted above. (I think it was PDDG firebrand Jim Allen who declared in a previous public meeting that we would “use every legal means” to defeat Newman.)

Fortunately, the election will soon be over and PDDG will be able to return to its core mission of preventing the reckless retail sprawl the PDD law was passed to allow. There can be no compromise on this position, and not because PDDG is doctrinaire or radical. There can be no compromise because Newman’s project presents Geneseo with a rare development trifecta: the wrong proposal done in the wrong way at the wrong time. Strike three.

While we can debate the merits of retail as an economic development strategy, there is much about this proposal that is beyond debate: the secretive ties between the town and the developer; the documents pertaining to those ties that have gone missing; the incompatibility of Newman’s proposal and the zoning of its proposed location; the interference of elected officials with the deliberations and independence of the planning board; the elimination of the master plan committee as it completed its work on a new and overdue vision for the town. Under these circumstances, compromise is capitulation.

For these reasons and more, PDDG will continue to oppose Newman’s plans. After we have succeeded and after we have elected a new town board, we can look forward to working as a community to review and renew our planning and zoning. It is at that time, in the full light of day and away from the pressure created by an outside developer, that compromise and consensus will be needed.

Until then, PDDG will stay focused on the business at hand. At the moment, we are challenging the legality of the scheduled public hearing on Newman’s proposal and preparing what are sure to be extensive written comments on the many problems with the Draft Environmental Impact Statement submitted by Newman.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to vigorously representing our shared concerns as review of Newman’s proposal continues.