Washington comes to Geneseo?

Sometimes I get so focused on our local Big Box battle that it becomes the lens through which I see the world. Then I look at what is going on in Washington, D.C. and I see Geneseo, and I wonder whether I am seeing straight.

When I look at our nation’s capital, I see an administration that has manufactured evidence to justify a decision already made, promised that the battle would be won quickly and at low cost, declared opponents of its policies disloyal, involved private corporations in public policymaking, intimidated and shouted down groups critical of its policies, skewed scientific evidence, and removed highly competent administrators and replaced them with administration loyalists.

Then I see this and I really wonder:


By Kevin Drum, washingtonmonthly.com

The White House said Wednesday it had mishandled Republican Party-sponsored e-mail accounts used by nearly two dozen presidential aides, resulting in the loss of an undetermined number of e-mails concerning official White House business.
Congressional investigators looking into the administration’s firing of eight federal prosecutors already had the nongovernmental e-mail accounts in their sights because some White House aides used them to help plan the U.S. attorneys’ ouster.
….[Spokesman Scott] Stanzel said some e-mails have been lost because the White House lacked clear policies on complying with Presidential Records Act requirements….He could not say what had been lost, and said the White House is working to recover as many as they can.
High school English teachers have been on to this kind of excuse for the better part of a decade now. Does the White House seriously think we’re going to buy this?
POSTSCRIPT: Of course, there are always the RNC servers themselves. They ought to have these emails archived. Right?

As a wise man said to me recently, in reference to PDDG’s lawsuit looking for the missing documents, “If it can happen in Washington, it can happen here.”

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